Recipes For Honey (Nature’s Sugar Alternative)

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Recipes For Honey (Nature’s sugar alternative!)

wedding favour w/stickThe nature of honey – specifically that it’s sticky and sweet – makes it a natural (and healthier) alternative to sugar in almost any form. Great Canadian Honey isn’t just a great sweet ingredient to add to an easy dessert (although the sweet honey taste drizzled on top of almost any dessert, spicy or buttery, grilled, frozen or baked does seem to make for a perfect dish to end a meal.)

Add a spoonful to make a honey butter glaze to the top of baking, or to make a honey butter spread for your dinner rolls. You may also recognize that honey works in a meal and is more than just a dessert recipe ingredient, like honey ham or gilled honey garlic chicken wings.

While many honey recipes are pretty easy to imagine – like a honey-glazed chicken on the barbecue or adding a teaspoon of honey to your coffee with cream to add some sweetness- honey is easy to sneak into some dishes that may not be “honey-obvious” and, with a little practice, you’ll learn how much honey to add for a touch of sweetness to your entree without the negative effects of processed sugar.

Honey is so versatile that it works with fruit like berries, on orange or lemon, warm or cold, and on bread, or salad, or yogurt. The trick is simply knowing how much, and when to use it for the perfect recipe balance.

We’ve created some honey recipes that are sure to add a touch of sweetness to your meal, and the whole family can make together and enjoy, whether you’re planning a family meal or preparing to serve guests.

You’ll find ways to make honey an integral part of your appetizers, snack time, and meal with these recipes from Great Canadian Honey.

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