Our Story- The Great Canadian Honey Co.

The Great Canadian Honey Company is a family-owned business located in Sweaburg, Ontario. Chris & Dawn Marie Mailloux have been beekeepers since 2017 and have been harvesting amazing honey from our many colonies of bees. We usually maintain between 50 and 100 individual beehives over the course of the year. We strive to bring some of the best unpasteurized and fresh honey that you will find in Oxford County.

Great Canadian Honey Co. was founded in 2017 by Chris & Dawn Marie Mailloux. What started as a hobby out of the love and interest of honey bees, quickly grew into something more.  GCHC became a vendor at the Woodstock Farmers Market in July of 2020. Currently, their hives are spread out in Oxford County on a number of area farms and land. With Chris being a licensed electrician, he sees beekeeping as learning another trade – the more you learn the more you realize there is to learn and we love to learn.

Bees are essential to the ecosystem by pollinating plants and crops that our farmers depend on. With hives located throughout Oxford, our bee family supplies sweet honey to our customers, along with other products like candles, soap, as well as help local farmers produce their best crop.

Our hives are located in the backyards, farm fields, and industrial areas in Oxford County that you drive past every day.

What is Polar Freeze?

Polar Freeze was a business born from solving a problem. In our attempts in finding a local business that could freeze dry fruit that we could then put in our honey, Polar Freeze was created. It began in the summer of 2020 by our then-17 year old daughter. Since then, she has expanded and grown her small business into a thriving part of our company. What started as a means to help her family, quickly became so much more. We produce freeze dried local fruit(when available in season) and sweet treats in our Public Health inspected kitchen.  Check out Polar Freeze website for some great freeze dried snacks. www.polarfreeze.ca