2022 Fundraiser Package

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The Great Canadian Honey Company is a family-owned business located in Sweaburg, Ontario.  We have been beekeepers since 2017 and have been harvesting amazing honey from our many colonies of bees. We usually maintain between 50 and 100 individual beehives over the course of the year.  We strive to bring some of the best unpasteurized and fresh honey that you will find in Oxford County.  Honey is one of nature’s miracles, as it contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  It is also an excellent remedy for skin infections and irritations

What is Polar Freeze?          

Polar Freeze was a business born from solving a problem.  In our futile attempts in finding a local business that could freeze dry fruit that we could then put in our honey, Polar Freeze was created.  It began in the summer of 2020 by our then-17 year old daughter.  Since then, she has expanded and grown her small business into a thriving part of our company.  What started as a means to help her family, quickly became so much more. We produce freeze dried local fruit(when available in season) and sweet treats in our Public Health inspected kitchen.

You check out the Polar Freeze website here:

 Here’s how our program works:

We provide sign-up sheets for you to copy and distribute, along with a master sheet for you to calculate the total numbers at the end of the fundraising time.

There is NO minimum order required.

Once you have collected all the money from the fundraiser and you have the total number of items ordered, simply send us the fundraising package or call us and we will pick it up.  We will then package your order and deliver your items (within Oxford County) free of charge 2-3 weeks later for you to distribute, saving you the delivery fees.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Organization Raise Funds!

Your organization will earn on average 20% of all sales generated for your cause.

Download the documents below to get ready for your next Fundraiser!

Fundraiser Program Overview

2022 Fundraiser Sheet 

2022 Submission Sheet

Fundraising Tally 2022