Bee Removal

Bee-removal-extermination-woodstock-oxford-countyIf bees are a problem in or near your residence or business, rather than exterminate the bees, we can relocate the swarm and preserve the life and contribution to the ecosystem, while removing your inconvenience. We’ll do a full inspection of your property to see what may be attracting bees to your area and help you understand the changes you can make so that bees are less attracted to your space.

We can preserve the swarm without exterminating and remove bees from homes, businesses and apartment buildings within Oxford County, Ontario, including Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Thamesford, Sweaburg, Tavistock, and everywhere in between.

As a thank you for choosing to preserve the swarm instead of exterminating, and to show that there are no hard feelings from the bees, we will leave you with a jar of fresh, Great Canadian Honey and send you an update about where the hive will be relocated.

We are not equipped to relocate wasps.


Here are the differences between a bee and a wasp:

Bees are hairy and the ‘yellow’ stripes are closer to an orange colour. Bees also have thick black legs:

Wasps are mostly smooth and their yellow stripes are bright yellow. They have narrow yellow legs.